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Part 10: Raven Rock

Part 10: Raven Rock

Oh, my head…what happ—Colonel Asshole! How the hell are you still alive? Even if that coat were lined with lead—no, made of lead goddamn thread, your head should be more cooked than a pot roast!

“Allow me to tell you what is going on here. You lost. The good guys won this one, and now we’re just wrapping up loose ends. We’ve got the purifier, now we just need the code to start it. You’re going to give me that code now, and save us all a lot of trouble. Maybe I’ll even let you go. So how about it?”

Why should I even bother responding? Somebody’s going to interrupt him before too long. It always happens.

“I’m running out of patience, son. I want that code, and I want it now.”

It happened back in the other Citadel. Any moment now…

Totally called it.

“Mr. President, I have no time for other matters. I’ll be with you shortly.”

“Now, Colonel…”

“Yes sir.”

“I do apologize for Colonel Autumn’s attitude. He’s been under a great deal of stress lately. I have no doubt that you know who I am. I’m sure you’ve heard my radio broadcasts. I’d like to have a word with you, face-to-face. I think there are a few things you and I should discuss. You’ll find your possessions in the locker near the door. I’ll unlock the way for you. And I’ll unlock your restraints as well. I’ll be waiting for you in my office. Please don’t tarry.”

Cool, no need to slowly rebuild my inventory this time. Just get the HEV suit back on, pull out a weapon…hmm, maybe I should try this plasma rifle out.

“You’re supposed to be in that holding cell. You’re not going anywhere! There’s a full compliment of guards in the next room. As soon as I get them, you’re going back to your cell. In a body bag, if necessary. You will stand down and return to your cell at once. That’s an order! Respond, damn it! That’s it. Guards!”

Ooh, I think I’m going to like this weapon. Looks like there’s no ammunition, aside from these “MFC’s,” whatever that stands for. Seems like a battery, though, so the projectile must be superheated air. Seems like the coolant system is adding the neat green color to it.

“Attention, all Raven Rock personnel. This is your president speaking. I’ve invited our guest from Vault 101 to my office. Please, do not impede his progress. Thank you for your cooperation.”

This just might be easier than I thought.

Who the hell are you? Bah, never mind.

That’s not very helpful.

That is, though. Let’s see, if I’m in 3B, and I need to get to 1A…

Eh, I’ll figure it out. All the good ammo’s usually hidden in the corners anyway.

“Attention! This is Colonel Autumn. You are hereby ordered to ignore the president’s previous directive. The prisoner from Vault 101 is to be shot on sight. I repeat, shot on sight. This is an order.”

And here I was worried this would be easy for once. Silly me.

What’s this? Looks like a couple hydraulic pistons attached to a glove.

In other words, looks like fun.

Ha-hah! Hmm, fun, but the plasma rifle’s still better. I think I’ll stick with that.

What’s this, some kind of underworks? I bet I could bypass all sorts of stuff from down here.

Not like I will, though.

(And now, the song I only wish had been in Fallout 3.)

“A Kiss to Build a Dream On” by Louis Armstrong

Give me a kiss to build a dream on,
And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss.
Sweetheart, I ask no more than this,
A kiss to build a dream on.

Give me a kiss before you leave me,
And my imagination will feed my hungry heart.
Leave me one thing before we part,
A kiss to build a dream on.

When I'm alone with my fancies,
I'll be with you.
Weavin' romances,
Makin' believe they're true.

Oh, give me your lips for just a moment,
And my imagination will make that moment live.
Give me what you alone can give,
A kiss to build a dream on.

*Trumpet solo*

When I'm alone with my fancies,
I'll be with you.
Weavin' romances,
Makin' believe they're true.

Give me your lips for just a moment,
And my imagination will make that moment live.
Give me what you alone can give,
A kiss to build a dream on!

Man, there’s no end to these scientists! And they’re evil, too; that just makes this feel so much better.

That’s odd, I thought they all had those freaky helmet-things.

“I’m Anna. Anna Holt. I used to work for Doctor Li. I was at Project Purity…Now I’m here. Why are you looking at me like that? You’ve seen the kind of technology these people have. They want to help people. They want to change the Wasteland. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work in an environment like this. So I gave them information. About Doctor Li, about Project Purity. They want to know how to start it up, and why it wouldn’t work. I told them everything I could. About the G.E.C.K., about the damage caused by the explosions…All of it. I’m sorry if you think of me as a traitor. What are you going to do, kill me over it?”

You know, that’s not a half-bad idea.

Snappy. Much better than having to wear that stupid jumpsuit under the HEV.

They melt? They melt?! Oh, this weapon is just beyond awesome!

Hey, another bobblehead. “Arrive at peaceful resolutions by using superior firepower.” Don’t need to tell me that twice.

Friendly robots? Sweet! And they’ve got chainguns!

Well, according to all the maps, this should be the “Control Room.” If Eden’s anywhere, he’s here.

Oh God, he’s a computer, isn’t he?

I’ll bet he is. I must have seen this episode of Star Trek five, six times. Wait, there were more than one of those. I remember my old English instructor talking about it. Like, how the “cold, unemotional computers” were Communist analogues or something.

Funny how one’s President of “America” now. Now how did those episodes always end?

“I am quite pleased you were able to make it. The trip was not what I had intended, but serves as an adequate test of your abilities. You and I have much to discuss, my young friend.”

That’s right, they always logic bombed it into exploding! Man, old computers were such piles of crap, busting at a basic fallacy.

“Our nation’s Capital is at a crossroads. The path that you and I choose here today will affect us all. I need you to act on my behalf, to ensure that our country’s future is secured. My abilities to influence the world are limited at this time. I alone can only do so much. You, however, may come and go as you please. You have a greater degree of freedom.”

Then again, the computers around here are piles of crap, too. I bet even an advanced AI like this would explode if I tried to mess with it.

“Perhaps it is best if I explain why things need to change, and why I’d like you to act on my behalf. Our land is ravaged by mutation. The war was so many years ago, and yet we still suffer from its effects. We cannot move forward until humanity can gain a solid foothold in the world. To do so, we must rid ourselves of the mutations that have plagued us for so long. These “Super Mutants,” Ghouls, hideous creatures…I believe your father’s work can do that in a way unlike any other.”

Easier said than done, I suppose. Plenty of switches and flashing lights, but no input console. It should be around here somewhere…

“The purifier your father helped create has the ability to provide clean water to the whole of this “Capital Wasteland.” With a simple modification, it can be used to distribute agents that destroy mutated creatures upon ingestion. In time, we could eliminate all mutations in the Wasteland at the same time the good people of the world regain their health. I need you to make the modification necessary for this to succeed. In front of you will be a vial of modified FEV virus. It can be inserted into the control console for the purifier. Doing so will inject it into the water supply, and the purifier will take care of the rest. You just need the code to activate the purifier. Simple, isn’t it? Please understand that I cannot allow you to leave until you’ve taken the vial. Wait, what are you doing over there?”

Here it is! No lock on this, either. What kind of fallacy would Kirk use? I know! “As president, you have everyone’s best interest at heart. However, you have caused several people to die. Therefore, you should self-destruct.”


I am so great.

Better grab this thing like it said, though.

And the robots are still on my side! Cool!

Damn escaping helicopters.

I wonder what’s in here?

Oh. Oh, I have to try this one out.

Nice of the computer to not even count down while I’m leaving.

You got away this time! But soon…soon!

Yes! YES! Take that, you damn hovering dicks!

That base sure takes its time to explode.

This has been a good day.