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Original Thread: Sarcasm is ALWAYS the answer. Let's Play Fallout 4



Hello everybody, and welcome back. This time we’re in for something completely different:

That’s right, I haven’t yet gotten into the next RPG I was planning (Terranigma) and so I decided to do something a bit different since nobody seems to have tackled it yet. Fallout 4 is the third entry into Bethesda’s take on the series (after Fallout 3 and New Vegas) and personally my favorite. I’d go into plot details but there’s very little you can actually reveal about this game without verging into spoiler territory. Let it suffice to say that you play a lone figure who is on a very personal quest that will have wide ranging effects on the world around you. Fallout 4 has tons of quests, multiple factions you can ally yourself with, and a variety of unusual NPCs that you can travel with and even romance. For a given value of romance.

The setting is an alt-future version of America which maintained a 1950s aesthetic while advancing into the 21st century, culminating in a nuclear holocaust that left most of the United States a radioactive wasteland full of mutant animals and remnants of humanity seeking to scrape out a bare existence with little hope of rebuilding a new society. Previous games have been set in the Oregon/California area, Nevada, and Washington D.C. Fallout 4 is set around Boston and makes some significant changes to the basic formula in regards to weapons, armor, factions, and enemies. I’ve seen most of it, and now I’m planning to show it off to you all as a fairly relaxing LP experience.

How are you going to do this?

Fallout 4 allows for a lot of user input, so the plan is to record about once a week (possibly more depending on circumstances) and allow as much viewer input as possible. You’ll choose the appearance of our character, some generalities about our build, which companions to take along, and what quests to do for each play session. I’ll contribute my knowledge of the game to make this all work so that I can show the maximum amount of the game possible and provide an entertaining experience. At the end of each play session I’ll ask for input as to which quests I should tackle next and which companion to take with me. In the end you’ll choose which faction I align with for the ending, although if there’s enough demand I might show off the others.

What are you using to record?

I’ve been playing on the PS4, so I’ll be using the onboard system to stream and then cutting the stream up into approximately half-hour episodes to post throughout the week. I’m using the PS4 camera/microphone accessory as that seems to do a decent job of picking up audio. Not planning on including picture in a picture, but I suppose it could happen. This is my first video LP so there may be a bit of a learning curve.

Anything else we should know?

I’ll be recording along with my wife, who has watched me play through this game far too many times and is usually better than I am about spotting loot. We have four cats, and you may hear us speaking to them at various points in the video. Especially when they climb in front of the TV so that I can’t see what I’m doing. I’m going to be moving in the next month, but I’ll try to build a backlog close to when I move so that there’s no interruption in the LP. Also, spoiler policy: Don’t. There are plenty of people who haven’t seen this game and might be experiencing it for the first time. “Do Quest X, it’s really awesome and funny!” is fine. “Do Quest X, it’s really tragic because Person Y dies and you get this super awesome item that will help you beat Secret Boss Z!” is not. If you have something specific you want to address, PM me. Lore talk about previous games is always fine. Oh, and occasionally we swear. A lot. It’s that kind of game. Don’t let your parrot or child watch, or they might learn some new words.

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