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Part 2

Update 1

As promised, the first portion of the stream is up. There's a few lessons I'm learning as I go along, like getting better at editing and how to time dialogue and commentary. I think I'll definitely have to stop manually saving, since that breaks things up a bit and Fallout 4 is actually pretty good with how it manages autosaves. I might also have a solution for the echo that's being caused by the microphone picking up the audio from the TV that I'll test today while playing through the latest DLC, but overall it's a fun learning experience.

Tax Refund posted:

I want to vote for "all of them", which won't really change the vote totals. But since I don't really know Fallout 4, I'm watching through the stream footage before I vote.

And in watching through the footage, I heard you talk about the "Duck and Cover" drills. I won't talk about any Fallout 4 plot until it shows up in the chopped-up videos (unless you give it your OK, that is), but I assume talking about the "Duck and Cover" drills will be fine. Apparently there was a lot more sense to them than most people think. If you're within a mile or two of ground zero, yes, the whole building's probably going to be destroyed... but beyond a couple of miles, there's actually going to be a whole lot of buildings left standing after the blast wave hits them. BUT those buildings are going to lose ALL their windows. If you're standing up when the blast wave hits, you're going to be hit, and very likely killed, by lots of flying glass. But the blast wave will take 10 to 30 seconds to reach you -- and if you've ducked under your desk during that time, then as long as the building's still standing, you're probably going to end up uninjured. And you don't get irradiated by being near a nuclear blast and surviving it; you get irradiated by staying in the area afterwards, and breathing in dust that contains radioactive isotopes.

Long story short, those "Duck and Cover" drills would actually have saved a lot of lives if America had every experienced a nuclear attack.

That's actually pretty cool to hear broken down like that. As someone who started school near the end of the Cold War I only had a brief experience with those kinds of things. As far as voting, just go for whatever sounds the most interesting. If I have time I'll hit them all, but the purpose of voting is to see what falls off if necessary.

Mage_Boy posted:

The Quarry is a cool quest, if it's the one I'm thinking of. So I vote Quarry

Not sure what you're thinking of, but it's the one that involves swimming and sets us up for a future return to the area.