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Part 3

Update 2

Second video coming right up. Confirmed the fix for the echo, but the downside is that I lose situational awareness because I can't hear anything in the game. Oh well, I could probably use a handicap anyway. Speaking of which, should I crank up the difficulty a little bit?

As of right now it looks like we have

2 for Returning the Favor - Go to USAF Satellite Station Olivia to get a locket back
0 for helping Ten Pines Bluff - This leads to a dungeon area full of raiders.
1 for exploring an old quarry that someone is trying to rehabilitate, which we could help out with.
0 for wandering around various nearby areas and loot them for atmospheric detail and equipment (although I might just do this anyway)
and 0 for heading on to Diamond City to follow the main quest line

Might stream tomorrow night since it's a long weekend and it'll build a bit of a buffer, so we'll see what things look like at that point. I think I'll have to find some kind of way to do an actual poll for these, especially once I start asking which companion to bring along. I think that'll start to be a thing when we have a few more options.

RickVoid posted:

I have to say, I groaned very loudly when you revealed that you were going with Archer for the character, but after the suit popped up, the three beers got slammed, Codsworth was treated appropriately ("Mother! He thinks he's People!"), and you went with boosting his luck ("Things... just kind of work out for me") this is actually off to a great start.

I do look forward to seeing Kat deal with survival mode, if you actually end up doing it, though.

It's also affecting our perk choices, although later in the night alcohol also had a vote. Which is actually kind of appropriate.

RickVoid posted:

Caps Stuff

- Jet
- People never exposed to FEV turning into Ghouls

You know, considering that I did an LP of Fallout 2 I should have remembered that it wasn't bottle caps, because I remember going down that well and pulling out the bag of useless bottle caps. For some reason my mind just skipped over and categorized money as bottle caps after playing Fallout 3 and 4. I'll have to make a note to talk about Jet a little bit and possibly ghouls on the next stream.

Doc Morbid posted:

In New Vegas, caps are the main currency because the NCR doesn't have much of a hold on the Mojave (at least until my character shows up ) and their gold reserves were blown up by the Brotherhood of Steel, tanking the value of the NCR dollar. The Legion also has their own currency.

That was actually a nice detail in New Vegas, but I think I usually ended up just exchanging all of my extraneous currency into one type to make it easier to buy things.

Tax Refund posted:

I'll vote for Returning the Favor, then. And if we can vote for two or more, I'd place my second vote on searching for atmospheric detail and loot. There's a lot of atmosphere in Bethesda games, and locations can often tell their own mini-story (as we saw with that cave behind the Red Rocket garage). Everyone who plays through Fallout 4 will see the main quest, but some of the side areas with their own story to tell are easy to miss, and I think the LP will be richer if we get to see some of those easily-missed side areas.

There's a couple of neat spots like that right next to Abernathy Farm, actually... maybe I'll take a walk over there after turning in their quest.