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Part 4

Update 3

After much labor yesterday I now have no labor to perform on Labor Day. Accordingly we'll be streaming this evening, probably around 7:30 central to get an early start. From the looks of things we're definitely hitting Satellite Station Olivia first, then the quarry, doing some exploring, and then heading off toward Diamond City. Nobody seems to want to help Ten Pines Bluff, but I'll stop in anyway and at least get the next marker on the quest and add it to the voting for next week.

No consensus on raising the difficulty, but it might be worth reconsidering after this stream.

Roobanguy posted:

If you like the settlement aspect of the game alot I can see getting the season pass, but as someone who didn't, I'm glad I didn't spend the $50 dollars they are asking for it now. Automatron is neat but has only about an hour of quest content, far harbor is cool, but Nukaworld is downright disappointing if you're like me and have a hard time playing an evil character.

I picked it up right before the first DLC came out, the day before they raised the price the first time, so my opinion might be a bit biased. I think it was around $30 back then, so it turned out to be a bargain.

RickVoid posted:

I couldn't wait for the edited videos, so I watched the archived stream. The drunken rambling near the end was pretty great, hope we get more of that!

So, funny story... my wife had apparently forgotten the last half hour of the stream and after seeing this we went back to rewatch that part. She spent a considerable portion of it with her face covered. That said, preparation for every stream is going to involve the preparation of mixed drinks so drunken rambling is entirely on the table.

GunnerJ posted:

Re: "Why is he Irish," colonial British America was a bit more "multinational" than you might think. By then it wasn't an English colony specifically, after all. There were a lot of Irish and Scottish (and Scots-Irish) settlers, Germans too, and Dutch from New Amsterdam. Irish-descended colonists could be attracted to the patriot cause because they had a number of good historical reasons to hate the shit out of the British government (British oppression in Ireland was probably a great motivator to emigrate to the colonies in the first place). Port towns like Boston were especially diverse just by virtue of having so many people coming and going from all over. The participants in the Boston Tea Party reflected this diversity of colonial British America. There were English, Scottish, French, African, Portuguese, and, yes, Irish participants.

Don't you mean Old New York? I guess that we just tend to think of the Irish more in context of the larger migrations in the 19th century as that's when the "No Irish Allowed" sentiment really peaked, so it was a bit jarring to hear the sudden switch to an Irish accent in the middle of that tour audio. I suppose when you get down to it we didn't really expect the game to have been that correct since we were in something called "The Museum of Freedom." Then again, that's far from the most out of place Irish accent we're going to encounter in this game.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

No strong opinions about difficulty, but please get at least a few varied weapons that you name and strategically cherish forever.

Weapon names sounds like a fun thing to add in. I usually get at least one long range, one mid/short range, and one heavy assault weapon along with anything else that catches my eye. There's a few unique and interesting weapons, that's for sure.