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Part 7

Update 6

First video of the second stream, and we made a couple of tweaks to try and improve the quality. For the next few videos the echo from dialogue in the game is gone, but the trade off was that I couldn't hear ambient sound. Results were mixed, but it seems like we've finally got a full solution for streaming on Saturday (broke down and bought headsets). I'm also interested to hear what people think of the actual video quality for these next few in comparison to the previous updates.

For storyline purposes, in this stream we didn't quite make it to Diamond City but a few new options did open up. You can set our priorities for the next stream by voting here.

Options are:

Go back to the Corvega Assembly Plant (finish helping Ten Pines Bluff)
Respond to the distress call at the Cambridge Police Station
Explore the Super Duper Mart
Check out a settlement and junk yard near the Drive-In
Just keep right on rolling to Diamond City