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Part 8

Update 7

Mostly exploration and some quest turn in for this one, as well as advancing the Ten Pines Bluff quest to find out what they actually want us to do. We end up in Thicket Excavations, which is actually a two part event that you start with the quest that's about to get finished. At least we're getting paid.

ultrabindu posted:

Honestly I want you to show off as much of the game as possible. Park the main quest for now and go exploring and do as many sidequests as you can.

I wouldn't worry too much, since I'd still be advancing the main quest only as far as the voting option and then faffing about to do other things with the rest of the stream time. The main quest in this one is distributed enough that you actually have to explore a good bit to finish it.

Tax Refund posted:

This is my vote too, but the first thing should be to drop everything and respond to the distress call first because it does seem like the kind of thing Archer would do. I haven't read the show, only read about it, but it seems like despite his sarcasm and general dickishness, he's a pretty competent guy who takes his job seriously. And if so, then responding to an official police-radio distress call seems like the kind of thing that would take priority over whatever else he's doing at the moment.

As a general rule, if you ever find yourself asking "What would Sterling Archer do in this situation?" then it's a pretty good sign that things have gone so far south that you're now headed north again. This LP is the only exception. I think what I always took away from Archer is that out of the entire cast he's one of the few who's a halfway decent human being, albeit an incredibly flawed one. There might be something to what you're saying about the character being someone who would at least look into a distress call.