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Part 100

Update 99

Up, up, and up the steps of Faneuil Hall we go in search of our missing person, and in the end we're 2 for 2. After that it's time for a little grave-robbing treasure hunting, which Nick strangely does not object to. At the end of the day we're about out of things to do so we look to the sea, searching out a sea monster that turns out to be an old pre-war submarine. Exploration has to wait for the next update, but it's one of my favorite quests.

Voting continues here for tomorrow's stream companion.

ultrabindu posted:

Makes me wish there were more cases at Nick's detective agency. A buddy cop series with him would be great. He's pretty well written but his companion quest is quite meh, especially when compared with Cait's. Maybe we should take Nick on some Railroad quests, I'm sure he'll have some unique dialogue for those.

I love the look of weary patience on Nick as he waits for Archer to finish another drink. Nick tends to be one of my favorite companions just because you can be a sarcastic asshole to him and he generally gives back as good as he gets. I'll take a look at Nick's unique dialogue and that might be a factor in the future. Far Harbor has a lot about him, so when we get to it I plan on generally taking him along. Before that, of course, we're definitely going to finish out his companion quest.