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Part 101

Update 100

Kind of weird seeing it up there, but here we are: 100 updates, not counting the intro. For our 100th update we're cracking open the giant sardine can out in the harbor, and we're not alone. There's a pre-war ghoul Chinese submarine captain inside who wants nothing more than to go home. To do that he needs us to kill the rest of the crew and retrieve a nuclear warhead, but that's just another day at the office so why not? After the job's done (and I just realized that if I'd asked for more he'd have given me his sword, but that's okay) we do some armor upgrades to close out that particular stream.

Speaking of which, we'll be streaming tonight and you can still vote here on the closely fought battle over who's going to be our next companion.

Thesaya posted:

Trick to Something Awful is not to venture outside of the Let's Play subforum. That is what I do.

ultrabindu posted:

Yeah pretty much. Sometimes there's a good catte or dog thread in PYF, but that's about it.

Honestly, I came here for the LPs so I've never really felt a need to go outside.