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Part 102

Update 101

This update marks the beginning of the New Year's Even stream, so we're gradually catching up. Today we've got a simple mission, clearing out a blockage in the Railroad's synth extraction system so that an old friend of ours can go to his new forever home. The only complication is that Glory mistakenly got assigned the same mission, but we can always use a bullet-sponge friend.

ultrabindu posted:

I'm no longer on vacation so I can't join you guys for the stream, I'll never learn the secret of your cat's dirty ears.

We haven't found the secret, but when we do I assure you the thread will know. I almost feel like I should put up pictures of the cats, since they feature so prominently.

White Coke posted:

If you get the minutemen quests through the radio then they complete without having to go to Preston.

Reaaaaallly? Well, we'll have to give that a test run. I'd love to actually be able to complete those and not have more pop up.