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Part 104

Update 103

Today we create the Molecular Relay without any glitches, so it's time to... completely ignore it and go off to see Preston. Instead of a settlement that needs our help, he's got an empty settlement area that needs the feral ghouls currently inhabiting it to be exterminated. Some Rust Devils try to crash the party, but we actually get our real goal at the end - next update, we assault The Castle.

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Thesaya posted:

I am looking forward to your misery then. :Keke:

And I am so happy you put that dress on Curie. The second I saw it I was mentally urging you to put it on her. It's perfect.
Also, Nancy, the cream dress is perfect for Curie not just for the classiness but the very fact that when she goes shanking she will look badass with blood all over it.

Also also, are you going to show the fanart you got?

We might just keep her in the dress, based on these unassailable arguments. But I'm going to say red dress for Cait and sequined dress for Piper. Based on us transitioning to the Minutemen we must be past the point where the art came up. This is what ultrabindu sketched during the stream:

ultrabindu posted:

Thesaya we trusted you

I can confirm that she owns a long dress that is almost exactly that shade of pink. I don't recall it having a tie or a double lair of skirt, but otherwise very similar. The image looks like an amazing album cover.

As you can see with tomorrow's episode, the payoff with the Minutemen is actually a pretty fun mission storming an old fort.

CallmeQueen posted:

I think we will put the fanart up when the LP gets to that point, unless it has already. In which case, damnit Codsworth why didn't we know this. Remember to pick up some fine grade sand so you can rub it into your eyes later!

I think this was a better threat when he had three eyes, before we put an Assaultron head on so that he only has one sensor.