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Part 106

Update 105

Today we're fulfilling some of your fondest wishes and evolving Codsworth into Beastworth... at least as much as we can given a limited supply of parts and our limited scientific knowledge. He also needs to be tested once upgrades are complete, and we just so happen to have some Minutemen quests lying around so if he screws it up we don't care. A bit unwieldy in tight spaces, but I think he actually did fairly well.

Of course, this means he's out of the running for this week's stream, but you can still vote on who we're going to take here.

seaborgium posted:

The level up you used made me think, Bloody Mess and the Richochet one might actually work for Archer. I mean, Brett did have that amazing ricochet to hit him, and Archer does seem to cause lots of mayhem.

Hmm, there's something to this. Especially the Ricochet. I recall that getting ricocheted was pretty much Brett's thing, and it could be really useful considering our superhuman luck. We're getting to the point now where we can actually do fun perks rather than just what you need to actually play the game.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

Headless Roland is going to look mighty silly in a pink ballgown. He's really more of an Autumn.

Y'know, judging from general skin tone on the rest of his body since it's not like you can look and see if his cheeks need more blush.

ultrabindu posted:

Well, we don't want to run the risk of making Archer too competent. Ricochet is a good shout. I feel old Sterling should be winning by shear force of incompetence.


We haven't really focused on the level ups much. Dave/Nancy you should give us a rundown of what's available, what's useful and what's worthless.

We might have already reached the competency threshhold there and it'll only get worse as we level up, but we can still have fun with it. A rundown of what's available might be nice, we could do that as part of the stream when we get a level up this week.