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Part 108

Update 107

Continuing on with our mission series today we make our way to Somerville Place, stopping by the vault we used to clean Cait up to find that the Gunners have reoccupied it. It's a bit of a hairy situation, but we're only cleaning up the front so it's no big deal. The settlers at Somerville want us to turn Jamaica Plain into a settlement, and since we've been there before it's not that hard. But while we're here, there's some kind of treasure that's supposed to be in the basement so we might as well look into that.

ultrabindu posted:

Let's just say that no part of the Robobrain goes to waste.

Do you find it strange that the Minutemen quests give a money reward? I think that's kind of weird given the narrative the game's writers are trying to establish. It goes from you and Preston trying to create a coherent defense for settlers to 'pay up or fend for yourselves'. Maybe Preston is the one causing the raids and this is just one giant protection racket.

Also Dave, when Nancy ain't around you are BAD at looting. You missed two Nuka Quantums, a whole bunch of what looked like vodka and bourbon, some ammo boxes and a good few steamer trunks and duffle bags.

I think the Robobrain thing has been addressed, but the reward for the Minutemen quests is kind of a pittance. It almost seems like he's just giving you some pocket change to pay for expenses. Although considering some stuff later on, it's kind of funny that you should mention a protection racket.

As much as I joke about taking everything that's not nailed down, I suppose I should try to be better at looting when unsupervised.

CallmeQueen posted:

First, I think that Robobrain isn't that nutritious to begin with, it is difficult for it to be wasteful. Also, brain is rather lean, see Silence of the Lambs, which means you need to add fat (oil) to cook that. Actually, most things in the Commonwealth are rather lean, thus the high need for oil (of any kind) to cook them.

Should there be an apocalypse, at least I have an excellent cook with me who understands how to make molerat edible.

Thesaya posted:

In response to fat questions... I have no idea, I'm sorry. I have been vegetarian since I was 16 so thinking about fat content in mince is a level of cooking I never reached. I looked at mixed mince being sold but it just said total fat content under 20%. I know even less about moose mince since this was bought only for the Christmas meatballs.
You seem more than capable to figure it out on your own though, I have faith in you!

If we don't figure it out, it shall make for another amusing story. We can't lose that way, but I think you're right and we can do this.