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Part 109

Update 108

In today's update we're going on a little expedition to see if we can't find some better parts for Codsworth. Spoiler: we don't. But we do have some fun poking around an old National Guard armory and killing ghouls, find a distress signal for the Brotherhood, and find a nice set of X-01 power armor. After that it's time to head back to Sanctuary for some long overdue weapon and armor upgrades. We'll need them, because word is that something is going on back at The Castle.

ultrabindu posted:

You can take that baseball bat to Moe in Diamond City.

I was thinking that its a shame you can't send out your companions on missions by themselves. Similar to the combat unit deployments in Metal Gear Solid 5. Wouldn't it be great if you could send out Curie and Hancock to take on some raiders or pair up Curie and Cait and send them off to clear out a vault together? And when they came back they'd have some dialogue about it. Much better than walking aimlessly around a settlement repeating the same three lines.
At the very least it would keep Preston occupied and as far away from you as possible.

Hmm. Not sure if Moe deserves that Swatter.

It would be nice if you could do that, as it'd actually add some utility to making friends with everyone rather than just a few people that you really like. Heck, I'd be happy if they'd just bring back some nice junk for me to salvage.

Although we do come up with something for Preston either this update or the next.