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Part 11

Update 10

Last video where I couldn't hear anything, with all the fun that comes along with that. We're into the more built up towns north of Boston at this point so its into house to house fighting, which doesn't get any better when some of the raiders have tactical nukes. Also some named ghouls, which I think actually went pretty well, and we end by picking up a distress signal from up ahead with only one 10mm round left. No worries.

ultrabindu posted:

Are you concerned that you may have married into a family of animal murderers? Or Rodent-mancers?

Life on the farm, red in tooth and claw. We haven't even talked about cows yet.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

Btw there is definitely some sort of trap negation that comes after one kills you. I don't know if it's tied to difficulty or game mode or what, but I've seen other people's runs hit that very same diner landmine and thereafter obsessively search the same spot for now nonexistent dangers. It is quite a jerkily hidden trap, though.

Also rodentia facts: Gerbils are fragile little buggers. They're kind of cute, but they're suicidal mayfly soap bubbles.
Also also: Capybara are like 3 feet high and 6 feet long. Should have replaced the school gerbil with one of those. Waaay sturdier.

I almost wonder if there's several variants of the diner that load randomly. I swear I've seen a bottlecap mine sitting on the counter there before as well and it wasn't here. I like my solution of chucking explosives in there just to be certain.

Speaking of gerbils, for 18 years of my life I believed that my pet gerbil had escaped and run away when my family was moving. My parents didn't want to tell me it'd gotten squished by a suitcase while halfway out from under the cage. I'm not sure if they'd have noticed the capybara replacement, but I think it'd have been really hard to get the capybara into the hamster ball.