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Part 110

Update 109

Today we're responding to a call for help from the Castle, where a salty old dame named Ronnie Shaw wants us to help break into the sealed off parts of the building in search of goodies. A few landmines, one crazy robot, and a newly naked corpse later and we find what she was looking for: artillery. Once we've built and tested one that's the end of the day, but just to make it extra pleasant we go ahead and exile Preston to the Castle so we won't stumble on him in Sanctuary Hills anymore.

Poll for the next stream companion is here, and we're streaming next week at the usual time.

ultrabindu posted:

Sorry Dave but you're having Nancy's cyborg cannibal babies.

Not too sure about gun names.
Off the top of my head:

Conference Call
I’m Pacman Jones!
Bloody Mary, Full of Vodka
Burt Reynolds
Personal Space
Frank Exchange Of Views

If you ever make a custom shank for Curie you should call it Just the tip.

I guess I'll resign myself to being a mother. We ended up naming the gun "Happy Hour" in the last stream, but by coincidence we did also find a knife for Curie and I'm loving "Just the Tip" as a name for it.