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Part 111

Update 110

So today we're in for a bit of a long one. After picking up MacCready and figuring out which bobbleheads we still need to get it's time to go deal with some hanging Minutemen quests. One of those involves MacCready taking a nuke to the face as we liberate Outpost Zimonja and the other is helping the Ghouls at the Slog with a Super Mutant problem. After that we get a level up and I spend a few minutes talking about our available perks.

As always, you can vote here for our next companion.

bman in 2288 posted:

Still partial to "Abandonment Issues", myself. But it's okay. "Happy Hour" was my idea, too.

We bow to the wisdom of the coin toss.

ultrabindu posted:

Ronnie is a crazy old woman with artillery, fantastic.
I bet she thinks she's some kind of revolutionary.

And the first thing she wanted to do with it was blow up a random house. Just to make sure she could.

Night10194 posted:

Preston is the worst, because his VA is absolutely as bored with his character and the script as the player probably is. Also he takes a couple hours of assuming you love the Minutemen before he even explains who the fuck they are or why you should care at all.

I'm still slowly working my way up but I want you to know your LP got me to give the game a second chance and I'm having a great time with it.

"Congratulations, you're General of the Minutemen!"
"Uh... wait... what exactly do we, y'know, DO as the Minutemen?"
"There's a settlement that needs our help!"

Glad that you're back into the game and are enjoying yourself!

ultrabindu posted:

And that's ultimately the problem with Preston. He's just bland, and that's outside the constant harassment about settlements.
He's barely survived leading a group of people to Sanctuary, lost quite a few along the way. Faced raiders, supermutants, ghouls and the like and it doesn't show on his character at all.
Now imagine if it was sassy, grizzled veteran Ronnie that was leading the group to Sanctuary. At least if she was constantly nagging you about settlements you could take her along and she'd have a ball blowing shit up.

Ronnie as the leader of the Minutemen and potential companion would, in all fairness, be a huge improvement. And also, while I get the thematic attachment to them, laser muskets are just terrible.