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Part 112

Update 111

Today we're going to continue hanging out with MacCready and head to GreyGarden, which is run by a robotic Zsa Zsa Gabor. She wants us to be a dear and kill some super mutants for her and then get the old wastewater plant working, so naturally we oblige. It's a bit of a clusterfuck when the Brotherhood of Steel show up at the same place, but we wade through the muck and the mirelurks to git'er'done.

We've got a heated battle in the polls this time, so remember to vote here.

ultrabindu posted:

I bet Ronnie calls her laser musket the Crank'N'Spank.

I'm surprised MacCready likes that you're helping the ghouls and the Minute Men. Or anyone for that matter.

And now I'm sorry that we're NOT using a laser musket because that would be an awesome name.

MacCready's likes and dislikes can be kind of hard to parse sometimes. He likes the Minutemen and helping out settlers and families, but otherwise he likes you being a sarcastic asshole and asking for more money. He definitely doesn't like the Brotherhood of Steel or Railroad and he hates low-paying or menial jobs.