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Part 113

Update 112

Today we turn in some quests and go in search of Bobbleheads to finish our collection. Our first target is the Barter Bobblehead, which is located at Longneck Lukowski's Cannery, but when we get there everything is not on the up and up. So naturally we go snooping through the catacombs and his meat packing operation, and by the time it's done we're really wishing that Molerat was the worst thing on the menu..

Thesaya posted:

So Nancy, you are saying that I should be awake between like 2 and 6 in the morning from now on? Cheers for that.

It's winter in a Nordic country. Haven't day and night lost all meaning by now?

ultrabindu posted:

Preston is more popular than Danse.

MacCready really likes running in front of your line of fire. You'd think he'd stay back more, being a sniper and all.

I really wish you'd brought Codsworth to the robot weed plantation. Or convinced that high as balls robot to take up residence there.

At this point I'm prepared to say that chlamydia is more popular than Danse.

Codsworth actually does like Graygarden and likes you completing quests there. I'll have to see about dialogue.

And if you think MacCready's bad about running into the line of fire now, wait until Thursday's update. There was... an incident. It was late, I was intoxicated, and he should have known better.