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Part 114

Update 113

So today we take a break from our scheduled Bobblehead hunting trip when MacCready breaks down and finally explains what he's looking for out here in the wasteland. His kid's got some kind of plague-ish illness and he's heard that there's a cure in an old medical facility nearby. I'd say that things don't look good for the kid since we've been traveling together for weeks, but since MacCready's a pal we go ahead and do some hospital spelunking through the ghoul haunted corridors until we find what he's looking for.

Thesaya posted:

I get that, but I hope you understand that I am still going to give you shit for silly things you might say.
(Like, "everybody should watch the stream instead of episodes!" in case you still don't remember)

That's fair. And also, now that you say it that does ring a bell.

ultrabindu posted:

Dave you fucked up. How you forget to switch on the laundry?
Like this shit is punishable by 25 to life.

I pressed the button, but evidently did not press it long enough for the machine's liking. And I get a reduction in sentencing since what was in the washer was pretty much my work clothes. Actually you could say that my sentence was having to go downstairs and grab cold work clothes out of the dryer the next morning when I was getting ready.