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Part 115

Update 114

Today we start out by sending our scavenged medication through the ghoulpostal express and then move on to another cause near and dear to MacCready's heart: Killing Gunners. Our next objective is the Small Guns Bobblehead, and it's actually at Gunner HQ. That's bad news for them, but great news for anybody who's all about some mayhem. We're going straight in and killing everything that moves, including possibly MacCready if he keeps wandering into my line of fire.

New poll is up here since we had Piper with us last night on the stream.

ultrabindu posted:

I never had the birds and the bees talk. But I did have Sex Ed classes at school.
Oh boy did I have Sex Ed classes.
A comprehensive breakdown of every contraceptive, foam, IUDs, the pill, etc. complete with a teacher awkwardly putting a condom on a cucumber.
Then there was the slide show presentation on STDs. Image after image of diseased genitalia burned into my brain.
But I think the stand out was my Chemistry teacher hooking up a pickled gherkin up to two electrodes turning out the lights and running a current through it and proudly announcing "Gentlemen, this is what an STD looks like".
I think their whole objective was to scare us out of wanting to have sex ever, however they underestimated the need of horny teenagers to get their rocks off.

Weird thing was that they told us masturbation was totally fine but that porn would warp our brains. Which I guess was fair enough.

That is one intense guitar staredown.

I'd say that the gherkin demonstration would put me off of eating pickles more than anything else, but I'm already not a huge fan of pickles so that would be a lie.

Thesaya posted:

The standout memory from our sex ed, which was part of our Biology class, was our teacher telling us to remember to always pee after sex to avoid UTI's.
It was pretty chill in general though, I remember that I was a bit meh about there only being a single page about homosexuality in the book, since that was around the time I was starting to think about those things.
I have heard that in other schools it has been much more awkward, (more than from the fact that we were teenagers,) so it obv varies here too though.

Oh, and in Swedish, the phrase "the birds and the bees" is "flowers and bees". I never thought about the fact that the translation isn't literal until now.

Flowers and bees actually makes a LOT more sense with the whole pollination thing and that actually being tied to how flowers reproduce. The birds and bees thing is just confusing, as Bart Simpson observed when he said "The sun is out, the birds are singing, bees are trying to have sex with them - as is my understanding."