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Part 126

Update 125

We're leaving the Institute now and going back to report our findings to mother Desdemona, who wants us to maintain our cover and continue to infiltrate. This means doing missions for the Institute and leaving the synths we promised to rescue in place for a little bit, but we can do that. Now that we have a game plan to move forward, naturally we're going to go off on random adventures. Our travels take us to Covenant, a walled haven in the Wasteland that even claims to have a psychological test that can uncover synths posing as humans. It seems like a nice little place, but Honest Dan is here looking for a lost caravan and everything might not be exactly as it seems...

ThaGhettoJew posted:

Well, at least we're through the shark jumping part of the game's story now. We're going to have to start thinking about which factions we want to piss off the most before all heck breaks loose.

I'm thinking of putting a poll up and keeping it running until the story forces our hand as far as which groups we should be aiming to be friendly with. Generally speaking the Institute, Brotherhood, and Railroad are all going to ask you to wipe two of the others off the map in the end. The Minutemen are a bit friendlier and you can get them to ally with anybody, so the question becomes whether we want to have a cooperative end game with the Minutemen and another group or just one of the other groups. There's evidently a way to actually have the Minutemen, Brotherhood, and Railroad all in alignment at the end of the game but it's ludicrously specific and we would have had to be working toward it the entire time.

White Coke posted:

I figured that your son was going to be in charge of The Institute or something similar since it seemed like a predictable twist. That or he was going to be dead already.

"I didn't kidnap your son... I am your son."
"I thought you were Father."
"No, you're Father."
"But that would mean I'm in charge of the Institute."
"I mean you're my Father but I'm also Father. Because of all my clone babies."
"Does this make me Grandfather?"
"Sure. Let's go with that."

When you're first playing it's interesting because you go from looking for an infant to looking for a small child to possibly thinking that he might even be a teenager, only to find out that your son is actually biologically older than you are. I've always thought it's kind of a neat way to take advantage of the timeless nature of cryostasis and how that can distort your sense of time.