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Part 13

Update 12

And now we're off on our adventure with Danse, after a considerable amount of looting a police station. Mostly it's him absorbing incoming fire and us doing the important bits that actually allow us to progress, but at least he makes a nice mobile shield. After tomorrow's video we'll have an important choice to make.

Tax Refund posted:

I watched your stream (after the fact, as I wasn't able to get on while it was live), and the echo is completely manageable. If it's a choice between that small amount of echo and watching you play with no situational awareness, I'd choose the echo in a heartbeat. In the second stream, I remember a moment when there was gunfire going on outside and Dogmeat was yelping in pain, and you were searching the room completely oblivious to it all. (Since, of course, you couldn't hear any of it). That was... frustrating to watch, even though I knew why it was going on. It's much more fun for me to watch when you're able to actually hear what's going on, so I'm glad you have a decent audio solution now.

I think we've pretty well settled on what we used this time as the final audio setup. I'm sorry about that particular bit in the second stream since the only thing I don't like about Dog Meat is when he starts crying because he's hurt. That's usually what makes me go with a human companion, because their suffering is a bit more bearable.

Cathode Raymond posted:

Dogmeat's the best companion

All the other choices like this, or dislike that. Power armor? Danse likes it! Stealing? Danse doesn't like it. Lock picking? Danse-you know what Danse? Why don't you find your own dog and have your own adventures if you have so many opinions?

ThaGhettoJew posted:

Plus you can invest in all the useful Lone Wanderer feat stuff and not have to hear the same handful of voice clips over and over (barks notwithstanding). That said some companions are pretty interesting for specific quests and I'm pretty sure you get some pal-flavored perks for maxing out their favorability. I'd hate to have to try them all out long enough to figure a best-choice story path though.

I think after this weekend's stream I'll start asking for input on companions to decide who should go with us. You definitely get some nice perks for maxing out friendship with certain companions, but they aren't necessary. The best one had a bug that got fixed, so they're all just nice little bonuses now. Planning on heading to Diamond City since by the end of last night's stream we'd pretty much exhausted the easily accessible early game content before that first big city.