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Part 132

Update 131

A short update today to close up the stream we've been on, going back in time to right the situation at Outpost Zimonja. After that we're going off to Croup Manor to clear it of nasties, but it was late and I was tired so we didn't quite get there. Also, there were a lot of robots on the way.

New companion poll is here and continue to vote on our ending here.

Thesaya posted:

Don't try lutfisk. It is like jelly in consistence and hardly tastes like anything but vagely off. Almost no kids like it, it's an aqcuired taste for adults pretty much. We haven't had it for christmas for years though, noone cared enough to keep it a thing. I used to like the potatoes, peas and sauce though, adding a miniscule piece of lutfisk to it then hiding it in the sauce so I wouldn't know when I ate it.

Kalenn Istarion posted:

lutfisk is

Trust me, there is not enough anything in the world to get me to even try lutfisk.

seaborgium posted:

Yeah, for the love of all things holy don't eat lutefisk. It's terrible. My hometown does have a contest every year to see who can eat the most, and I think it's at least a couple pounds for the current record which is terrifying on it's own.

Am I the only one who compulsively reloads in Fallout games? I've seen you run out multiple times when you start shooting at someone with the sniper rifle, and then have to stop while the dude runs around having only been shot once. Maybe it's a reaction to how Marathon handled it, but I've always reloaded as soon as I'm done shooting. Even if I only shoot one bullet.

I'm more compulsive about reloading when it comes to the faster firing weapons, so I think I just kind of lose track when sniping.