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Part 135

Update 134

Today we're completing our science experiment and collecting our rewards: a unique Power Armor chest piece and escape from the lab. We've also got the information we were here for to help with the great Synth breakout, and the Railroad is predictably excited to get it. They've got a new set of missions for us, but before we get started on those we have a bigger priority: beer run.

As a reminder, I'm out of town on business so there won't be a stream until next week. We've got enough of a backlog of updates from doing two streams to last until then, so by all means enjoy and vote on our next companion here and vote on our ending here.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

A little late to these bonus-stream videos, but that ginormous supermutant fight at the junkyard fence was insane. Like it was supposed to be a set-piece battle for some quest and just ended up being a bunch of miniguns all pointed in the same direction. Congrats on being able to stimpak your way through it while blinded by thousands of bullets.

Might not have been obvious, but I also popped up a Med-X in there to reduce the incoming damage a bit. After that it was taking advantage of the time-slowing properties of Happy Hour to gradually reduce the incoming damage. Finding a weapon with that effect or enhanced accuracy in VATS (for popping heads) can make all the difference in fights like that.

seaborgium posted:

Just wanted to point out, there's a good possible reason they didn't use polymers in the guns. Most polymers are derived from crude oil. Gasoline is only one part of crude oil, most of the rest goes to chemical syntheses. Since Fallout was running out of oil, it would make sense that they'd also be running out of polymers.

You know, as much Civilization as I've played that really should have occurred to me. I've heard it said before that future materials scientists are going to be just floored that we actually BURNED oil considering all of the things you can do with it. Of course, even with wood parts the guns should be lighter but I think they also just wanted to balance things out so that you had to pick and choose what you could carry. This is even more pronounced in Survival Mode, which reduces the weight limit significantly.