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Part 139

Update 138

Today we pick back up on our across the water quest, making our way through hordes of raiders and mostly picking them off with a sniper rifle whenever possible. Eventually we make our way via a cable car ride to the titled hulk of the Libertalia and begin to climb, learning more about the raiders from their computer systems. You'd almost feel bad for them if they weren't... well, bloodthirsty raiders who you don't have an option to talk to. Our goal is at the top of the ship, where we have a heated conversation that doesn't go as well as we might have hoped. All's well that ends well, however, and he's coming back whether he likes it or not. His buddies... are not so lucky.

ultrabindu posted:

Just caught up with all the videos.

You guys sound terrible

Have you been drinking ghoul crotch juice again?

I wish we had been, because at least then there'd be an explanation. I was just all kinds of stuffed up and Nancy had a full on sinus infection, but we should be much better this week.