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Part 14

Update 13

I might have, just possibly, maybe a little bit... uh.. kind of set Danse on fire. Only around the edges. But what good is power armor if it can't protect you from a little thing like that? Next update is going to be the Corvega Assembly Plant, but in the meantime we build a chair for an old woman and then pump her full of drugs. Oh, and make some much needed weapon improvements.

Now, a bit of talk about Factions.

There are four groups that you can join in Fallout 4, and so far we've got a pretty solid idea about three of them: The Minutemen, the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Institute. Right now we're not going to be bound to any of them if we work with them, but eventually a choice will have to be made. The Minutemen will happily work with anybody, but every one of the other three factions can't stand each other. In today's update, Danse made us an offer - should we Join the Brotherhood of Steel? It means lots of orders and missions and military discipline (that we can potentially flout) as well as potentially some sweet gear.

I'll also go ahead and give a minor spoiler - Preston Garvey is going to want us to become General of the Minutemen. Should we take him up on his offer? This will mean helping out settlements in trouble and spreading our banner all over the Commonwealth. The good news is that in case we'll be at least nominally in charge.