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Part 147

Update 146

We're back with some video from a special impromptu weekend stream we made because the last one cut off short. To start things off we're taking Nick with us on some more Railroad fun times, starting with re-emptying the Dunwich Borers. After that we're off to Goodneighbor for a beer run, and then we've got to head north of Diamond City to place what might be the very last MILA for Tinker Tom.

I've also put up a new companion poll here since we used Nick for the last little bit. Planning to table him until we fully dive into Far Harbor, since we just dipped our toes in this time.

Thesaya posted:

I do wish that I could join the streams but they usually air at about 3 am my time and my insomnia isn't nice enough to match the days you stream. Like, I have actually been awake at stream time the day after you've streamed and been quite peeved that my brain didn't decide to fuck with me on a more convenient date.

Just started watching the last episode and need to tell you, 50 shades of fucked up has done so much damage to the perception of BDSM. Like for example, main thing about it is trust, a sub trusts their domme to not go to far and to respect their safeword. Also, aftercare, the domme is to make sure their sub is okay after each section. I am not even a member of the BDSM community myself, just like, on the edge, but what those books and films did to the perceptance of the subcultre was... horrid. It is domestic violence masqueraded as BDSM. Oh, and Christian Grey would have been kicked out of any BDSM club immediately with his behaviour.

If insomnia were actually convenient, it would be something like a super power... but perhaps one of these days the stars will align. We'll look forward to the day. Nancy might have some commentary on the 50 Shades so I'll leave that there, but it almost makes me wonder if the same people who were all about Twilight have grown up to be the same people who are all about 50 Shades.

seaborgium posted:

I forgot to say it after one of the last videos, but John Wick is a really, really good movie. The plot is kind of paint by numbers, but it's so well done I didn't really even notice. It paints an amazing picture of a world, and then plays around in it. Plus, Keanu Reeves was sort of built to play a quiet guy who just kicks ass. I've heard the second is just as good but haven't had time to go see it.

I'm reminded of a recent Cracked article that talked about actors who have one glaring Achilles Heel, and they mentioned Keanu Reeves's ability to play certain roles but his utter ineptitude when playing in period dramas. Although, quite frankly, I would enjoy seeing a surfer dude version of Shakespeare.