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Part 155

Update 154

Starting off from last week's stream our first order of business is to pick up Piper in her fetching armored blue dress/minigun ensemble and head off to visit the Brotherhood. Once we build the actuators it's time to start Liberty Prime's processors, and then we have a new mission seeking out nuclear footballs for him to throw in the Glowing Sea. So it's off on a radioactive hike we go, eating Rad-X like tic tacs until we find the bunker. It's going to be ghouls isn't it?

Companion poll is here, and there's another informal question. I've edited the last stream and the last 18 minute episode is... well, let's just say that I'm not firing on all cylinders at that point. I'm pretty sure I tried to find an objective on the map multiple times. So should I:

1.) Go ahead and post it, it'll be fine!
2.) Try to recover from the beginning of the area with an autosave and bury the footage?
3.) Try to recover from the beginning of the area with an autosave and post it as an extra?

Trying to create a non-painful viewing experience here, so I figured it was worth asking. I was successful on a tactical level, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's entertaining.

ultrabindu posted:

The Possession of Nick Valentine

Possessed synth detective who levitates around solving crime and killing raiders. I'd watch that movie.