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Fallout 4

by ddegenha

Part 157

Update 156

Today we're all about the search for Danse, which doesn't take long since Scribe Hayden knows exactly where he went. We decide to be merciful, which Piper appreciates enough to kick us over to maximum friendship, but things get kind of awkward when we go outside. Elder Maxson, how long HAVE you been standing there? We get a promotion out of the deal, and that's nice, but it's also where we're calling it quits with the Brotherhood for the moment.

Streaming tonight, going to make an effort to get the stream going a bit closer to the 7:30 goal so that I'm also not quite as tanked at the end of it. Right now we're probably going to use the auto save time machine to pretend the last 18 minutes of last week's stream didn't happen unless someone strenuously objects.