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Part 158

Update 157

Now that Danse has been located we can get back to work with the Railroad. We're off in pursuit of another dead drop, which takes us to the Boardwalk station we've cleared out before. Evidently the new Raiders didn't take the hint when they came in and saw piles of dead bodies all over the place. After that we're pretty much clean out of things to do, so we've got no choice but to go back to Shaunmas for a mission. And... now we've REALLY got to talk to Desdemona. This could get awkward.

Thesaya posted:

I started actually watching Archer today! Almost finished season 1.

Thesaya posted:

So, I'm at season 3 episode 6 atm. My feelings are, when are you going to do Archer; cancer edition, and, which of our companions can we dress up as Burt Reynolds.

I'm sure a lot of things just started making sense, including why when someone suggested Archer my thought process went "there's a covert organization in the game, he's got a dead wife and a baby, and an ancient English butler. It's perfect!"

Don't know about the cancer edition, but the Nuka World DLC that we're going to get into really makes me think of the first three episodes of Season 3. As for Burt Reynolds... maybe Danse? He doesn't have the mustache, though.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

It is a good show for quality people. It's a shame Fallout 4's role-playing systems doen't really lend themselves to more fully characterized Archerness.

Sadly not... the four response buttons where it doesn't actually tell you what you're going to say is kind of limited. The dialogue system that they used in Fallout 1 and 2 would have provided a lot more flexibility, but also wouldn't lend so well to being watched and cut into videos.