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Part 159

Update 158

Today's episode is a short one - looking at the save data it turned out that we couldn't really make this disappear without a huge continuity gap so here it is. The latter half is a bit disjointed as my brain started to shut down for the night. We were trying to find the quest objective and get it to trigger, but what we needed to do was track down Father. On the plus side we rescued four synths, so that's a good thing. All kinds of murder and mayhem in one of the bigger set-piece battles of the game.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

One of the subtler and more interesting mods I've seen (for the PC version of course) replaced the dialogue description options with the first sentence of the response you actually give. It made for fewer unpleasant role-play surprises although I suppose it lessened the dramatic suspense of finding out what kind of monster you accidentally made yourself by picking the wrong chat position. No idea if it's available on console versions though.

That would be lovely, because there's all kinds of occasions where you say you're going to be sarcastic and its like "Dead, just like your wife and children!" and you're like "What kind of monster have I become?"