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Part 160

Update 159

We're back, and now that we've figured out which objective we're after it's time to find Shaun. Again. Gonna put that kid on a leash at this point. Anyway, we have to navigate the ruins of CIT to get to the roof and that turns out to be more complicated than expected. When we get there Shaun needs us to come back to the Institute with him because he has a job for us. And by job he means career. So... this is going to be awkward at some point.

seaborgium posted:

Really season 3 just needs a RAMPAGE!!! through some random people, perhaps a bit of torture, maybe some game shows. Something like that. As long as there's one big bad guy you're good to go.

I think something we did last night might have counted as a Rampage. Turns out that our stealth failed us at one of the worst possible times. On the upside, spikes and wall friends.