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Part 169

Update 168

Now that we've dealt with Mayor McDoughnut, it's time to fulfill our promise and head to Far Harbor. Of course, once we show up we immediately ignore the main quest bringing us here and instead start dealing with whatever problems the locals have. That's some vengeance for Cassie Dalton and retrieving some power tools for The Mariner.. which is actually one of the single most sensible quests we've been sent on, come to think of it. I mean, really, if you've got a working generator power tools are a must have in building your wasteland fortress.

ultrabindu posted:

I love this. Just looking at it makes me think "You know, we REALLY need to start some of the central quests in Far Harbor so we can get into Nick's weirdness."

ThaGhettoJew posted:

This is, of course, excellent. And he's really going to earn that haunted look hanging out with our Archer.

I think he's already there... if nothing else, the whole "chumming for Mirelurks" thing would produce that look.