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Part 17

Update 16

We’re opening up this week’s set of episodes by disappointing Preston Garvey and starting toward Diamond City, although there’s an unexpected distraction on the way that takes up most of this episode - our first encounter with Super Mutants. Lots of lock-picking excitement and skullduggery in this one.

Skipping ahead a bit, we’ve unlocked a TON of quests by going into Diamond City and as such I’m very interested in your input on what you want to see. Keep these in mind as updates come out. This is what’s on the plate:

Curtain Call - a washed up actor is trapped on top of a tower and needs a rescue. Lots of Super Mutants here.
Special Delivery - We’ve been offered a job by Edward Deegan. This one will take a while to get to, but it’s a multi-part quest.
Out in Left Field - Moe wants us to retrieve some baseball memorabilia, although who knows what he’ll make of it when we get it to him.
Unlikely Valentine - There’s a private dick in hot water, and he needs our help. This is the next story quest.
Road to Freedom - At last we’ll track down and find the mysterious Railroad… by trekking all over Boston. I mean, sure, I COULD skip right to the end but what fun would that be?
Bring a Mutated Fern to Solomon - Supplying the local drug peddled with some herb. Nothing can go wrong here!
Explore the Combat Zone - There’s a raider only club we’ve heard about that we can explore, although this might be a rougher bar than we’d like.
Search for Caps in Walden Pond - Somebody left a secret stash in a place where a man once stayed out in the woods for a couple months and wrote a book.

We’ve also heard a bit about Vault 81, which is evidently nearby.

Broadly speaking we can also break it down to East and West. If we head West we can cover Out in Left Field, Bringing a Mutated Fern, Walden Pond, and Vault 81. East takes us in the direction of Curtain Call, Unlikely Valentine, Road to Freedom, and the Combat Zone.

Next up, we have a choice in companions for the next stream. Available options (in order of acquaintance) right now are:

Woodhouse Codsworth
Preston Garvey
Paladin Danse

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Finally, I think we should definitely name our weapons. I’d like to really concentrate on naming weapons that we’re going to use for a while. So with that in mind, what should we call our Sniper Rifle and Combat Rifle? I’d name our 10mm, but there’s actually a far more appropriate pistol that we’re going to acquire.