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Part 170

Update 169

Come for the island adventure, stay for the funeral talk. Today we're going around and exploring the island some more as we run some more errands. Cassie Dalton's got something else she wants murdered, the Mariner wants more boat parts, and the boss around these parts wants us to fix fog collectors (whatever they do). We also meet a drunken bartender version of the Fonz from Happy Days and what looks like Hemingway, but he wants us to continue the main quest so we're not going to do that. Instead, let there be various types of mayhem! Mostly related to crustaceans.

Also, we may have to delay or cancel this week's stream. Nancy's dealing with some laryngitis and there's a real question as to whether she'll be up for speaking tomorrow. We'll see how she's feeling in the evening.

Thesaya posted:

Seriously Nancy, do you think that anyone buying a remotely controlled vibrator would be controlling it themselves in the first place, and not use it for powerplay?

To hell with hacking cars, let's hack some of those instead! On second thought, somebody's probably already made a movie about that. Possibly something that was on Cinemax at 2 in the morning.