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Part 171

Update 170

Today we're all about helping the Mariner, trekking our way across the island to get to the old ship she wants to use for scrap. There's all kinds of critters running around the island and there's a bunch of crazy trappers on the boat when we get there, but we have multiple calibers of solution for that. Once we go back to tell all the good townspeople what we've accomplished, the town doctors has a great plan for us: chumming for mirelurks to show everyone how awesome we are. No way this can go wrong!

Thesaya posted:

So, when are you going to put on your armed tuxedo and be properly outfitted?

Also, Nancy, I feel your (sometimes literal,) pain as a fellow boobhaver.

There's actually a quest here on the island where that would in fact be the perfect outfit. I'll have Nancy remind me when we get there.