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Part 174

Update 173

It's time to dance, and by dance I mean go off into a mirelurk infested swamp and drop meat in the water then kill whatever comes to visit. With the locals hiding in the bushes to watch, because that's how we do things around here. After we get a MUCH bigger catch than anticipated we've won the respect of the townsfolk and a party in our honor, along with an experience boosting meal that is obviously too precious to eat.

Thesaya posted:

...the thing about poring ouzo and yelling "opa" is a tourist thing. Just so you know. I sympatise with your server. Saganaki is amazing, but that bit is really not part of it. The Ouzo flambee might be nice and all, but the "opa" bit?...

Maybe an american thing even? I have been to Greece almost every year as a kid, visiting a lot of islands, but this is the first time I have ever heard of this thing.

tbh, I am currently imagining you expecting something like that in a tiny village on a tiny village and sniggering a bit to myself... Sorry but not really.

(I really want some saganaki now. Going to have to buy some Haloumi tomorrow.)

Could even be just local to the Greek community in that part of Florida. It was on the docks and there's got to be a dozen restaurants around there that all do the same thing. It's touristy, but it's also somewhere that the locals go so who knows? And the Ouzo flambee just gets this nice crispness to the outside that really makes it work.

ultrabindu posted:

As always the Japanese are ahead of the curve:

Of course they are. Of course. And by all the reviews it's actually a good movie if that's what you're into, so good on them.