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Part 175

Update 174

We pick up this week with the actual plot of Far Harbor, following it and Longfellow into the fog in search of Acadia. Or Arcadia. I always get those confused. Anyway, we get a chance to meet Nick's creepy clone prototype brother who seems like he's maybe a bit on the shady side. The object of our search, Kasumi, feels about the same way and wants us to look into it. Now we could just ASK him what's going on, but that's no fun so let the skulduggery commence!

ultrabindu posted:

The studio should have renamed it the Krispy Kremey Power Rangers.

There was a point where Elizabeth Banks stops to eat a dough nut and I expected her to turn to the camera and tell me how great it tasted.

It was so shameless it reminds me of this

If Zack Snyder really believes what he's saying he's a lunatic, if he's putting it on to satisfy the studio he's a sell out.

In retrospect, it's probably a good thing that I saw the movie in the evening and out of town so that I had no idea where the closest Krispy Kreme was.