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Part 178

Update 177

To close out last week's stream we do a little bit of sprucing up in our new settlement, but there's only so much you can do with a creepy fog island shantytown. After that it's time to be vewy, vewy quiet... we're hunting Mirelurks. And I mean, really hunting mirelurks. You wouldn't think they'd be so hard to find since we were up to our elbows in them earlier but it takes a few minutes and by that time we're ready to call it a night.

Stream is still on course for tonight, and the good news is that Nancy has her voice back.

Thesaya posted:

The pig story reminds me of Robert Pickton, a Canadian serial killer who killed between 26 and 49 women and disposed of them at his pigfarm.

And regarding smoking, I didn't even try until I was 18, but started at like 23 because it helped me with anxiety. Been thinking about getting a vape instead though, since it is more about having something to do when walking and having an excuse for breaks from social situations than actual physical addiction.

What sticks out to me about the whole Pickton story is that we're not sure exactly how many women because... well, pigs.

It's a true fact of American working environments that smokers in many places are allowed to take regular smoke breaks while non-smokers who step away from their work for a minute or two are viewed negatively. Kind of crazy, but I'm sure a lot of people have seen it.

seaborgium posted:

The book you were discussing where someone shat in their armor, that's Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson. Second in the Stormlight archives. Excellent series if anyone hasn't read it.

Also, I'm loving the railway rifle. Catching up on the videos, but are there more upgrades for it? Recon scopes are cool, but good lord they look so dumb on it. Like chroming parts of a rusted out pinto or something. Sure, it works great, but damn does it look weird.

I love the fact that just vaguely describing that scene makes people immediately connect it to the book. Then again, it is a pretty memorable moment.

Sadly we don't have any other real options than high-tech scopes as we get into the upper tier. The options are pretty much the same for all weapons, and the recon scope also has the advantage of allowing us a good view of the dismemberment. I'd be happy if they just gave us a steampunk skin for the scope when used on that weapon.