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Part 179

Update 178

A bit delayed since I had to edit and go to a half day of work, but here we are. Today we're going off to solve a murder mystery, but first we have to fight our way through wave after wave of ghouls while our guide just continues on her merry way. Once we get to the scene of the crime the next twist comes in: the victim is a robobrain, as are all of the potential perpetrators. On the upside, robojob. If you know what I mean.

I think a second stream will take place this weekend on Sunday since Thursday's ended up being a bit short.

Thesaya posted:

Well, in my parent's flower shop, we did not allow smokers to take any extra breaks. It actually led to several of our girls quitting smoking because of it.

Oh, and I was reminded again today;
You guys need to watch this. It was the LP that made me buy my account and I recently rewatched it. You guys really should since it is amazing.

I love that your parents have a flower shop. It's just such a happy thought. We'll put that LP on the list.

White Coke posted:

Is it? I'd always heard smoking breaks were just regular breaks where people were allowed to go outside to smoke. Then again I live in California so it might be different elsewhere.

It's gotten better in recent years, but when Nancy saw this she mentioned that while working in a nursing home that even when taking regular breaks she would constantly be bothered unless she went out to smoking areas. I've seen it a few other times as well. It's gradually become less socially acceptable, but for whatever reason the idea that people should just go without smoking while at work seemed to take some time to penetrate the collective consciousness.