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Part 185

Update 184

Did you like that block puzzle from last episode? I hope you did because we've got three more today, each more complicated and finicky than the last with the degraded tool that is settlement mode. We only need to get through the first three of five total problems to technically finish the quest, but there's some worthwhile rewards to be had for doing all five. The big takeaway from today is that we have the power to destroy either the Children of Atom or Far Harbor, and also that Nick and DIMA have legitimate history together so that wasn't a lie.

So the relevant question is this: who should we destroy? Or, since it's a short conclusion, should I do one and then the other as our "canon" ending just so that people can see what happens either way?

Also, people in the stream were suggesting that we might want to speed past this. Would there be some interest in a double-speed video of all the block puzzles, with a slow down to normal speed for when we're actually getting a chance to listen to the tapes?