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Part 186

Update 185

Today we've got the final block puzzle, and it's the most insanely complicated of the lot. It also takes place over a vast empty space that will leave anybody who's afraid of heights understandably freaked out, and I'll admit that the first time I completed it I was sweating at the end. The prize for all of this is coordinates for three chests containing Marine Combat Armor, which is pretty much the best non-powered armor in the game. It's a fitting reward for all of that trouble which we'll pick up... next time.

Speaking of which, we still have some updates in the tank but next stream will be on Thursday.

White Coke posted:

I vote for Destroy Far Harbor but only because I destroyed the Children of Atom in my play through.

I'd be curious to find anyone who actually sided with the Children of Atom the first time through. They're just such assholes.

Thesaya posted:

Ehr, I already skipped through the video only stopping at the relevant bits tbh. I like your talking but I prefer having something at least marginally interesting to watch too.

And I vote for showing off both but starting with saving Far Harbour since I am watching this for the first time and it fits with the way we have played so far.

Today's update might not be the best one for you then, although I'd encourage at least a look to see the kind of insanity that the final puzzle throws at us.

ultrabindu posted:

The amount of times Metal Gear gets brought up you're going to have to play it on stream at some point.
Shame I got rid of my playstation, we could have done co-op peace walker.

Metal Gear has been a profound influence, but I'll admit that I'm actually not very good at it. I have a tendency to lose patience with the stealth part of stealth action games and go straight to the action... which is also usually not very good, because those games are not optimized for action because fighting is supposed to be a punishment rather than the main game play mode.