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Part 195

Update 194

Today we're doing some house cleaning and then heading off to find Nuka World. After what happened in Far Harbor it should come as no surprise to anyone that the radio station that's supposed to set the quest marker is broken (Thanks Bethesda) so we're going to have to actually walk into the location before the quest will trigger. As far as that goes... well, let's just say that some of these roads look a LOT alike, okay? Could have happened to anybody.

As a note, we're back on a Wednesday schedule for streaming this week.

ultrabindu posted:

It would have been great if you'd nuked Faa Haabaa and all the people where still standing there amongst the rubble.

Well, there was Uncle Ken hanging out there in the bar not being the least bit disturbed by all the dead bodies and monsters wandering around. But then again, he's kind of an asshole as we'll see when the video showing the proper ending of Far Harbor comes out.

White Coke posted:

Or were turned into ghouls like that one character from Fallout 3 who survives if you nuke Megaton.

ultrabindu posted:

Yah, Moira, who retains her chirpy optimism even after being turned into a walking tumour.

Which, I suppose, is a rather amusing way of ensuring that her quests putting together the Wasteland Survival guide still remain active.