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Part 198

Update 197

Our second update today is back in Nuka World, where we've got a gimmick fight involving a water gun and a suit of electrified power armor at the top of the menu. I wish I was kidding about that, but I'm not. But now we're the Overboss of Nuka World, so we might as well take a look around our new kingdom and find our what the real situation is from our new friend Gage. Oh, and there's a character from Fallout 3 wandering around that some people might remember as well.

More Nuka World tonight at roughly the usual time, coming right up.

ultrabindu posted:

You should definitely watch the film version of Harvey. Especially as a look at a different era of film making.
Josephine Hull who played Jimmy Stewart's sister in the film won an Oscar for best supporting actress, one of the only times someone in a comedy film has ever been up for an Oscar.

It is a pretty well known film that would probably be worth watching. Of course, occasionally looks at different eras of film making are a bit disappointing just because some of what makes films revolutionary for their time has become commonplace now. Citizen Kane is probably the prime example of this principle in action, with the result being a movie that seems pretty pedestrian for modern audiences but was a huge deal when it came out.