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Part 199

Update 198

In today's update we're going to go around and meet our three sub-gangs within the park, all of whom have different hats. The Pack want to live free and wild like animals, but as usual don't actually have any idea how animals live. The Operators just want to make money, and are ruthless in their pursuit of cash. And the Disciples... the Disciples all wear gimp masks and decorate with the still-living bodies of their torture victims. All of this leads to an important question. we have to be friends with one of these gangs and we have to screw one of them over in the end. We can decide who to screw over later, but first let's decide who we want to be best friends with. Voting link is here.

After making our introduction, it's time to start exploring the park and bringing it under control First up on the list is Kiddie Kingdom, which should probably be renamed Ghoul Kingdom since the ghouls have long since eaten all the kiddies. But, at least it has rides.