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Part 20

Update 19

This time around we're helping a loser radio DJ by fixing a bar fight, because there's nothing that could possibly go wrong with that scenario. Our clean up takes us out a bit west, where we stop to murder some people over paint on the way - not to worry, on the last stream we did end up going East and cleaning up that area so we have a few new companions available. Vote for this weekend's stream here. Nick is temporarily off because we can't freely get him as a companion until we continue the main storyline quest, but he'll be on there in the future. If you're new to the game Cait is a druggie who inexplicably has an Irish accent and Strong is a super mutant.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

Some random stream notes for the random fragments I caught:

All cats are Lickers, really.

Valentine owns robones.

I can't unsee Piper as a pre-Jessica Jones version of Krysten Ritter.

Florida is a hellhole, even the pretty bits. So if you find the magazine that gives you flamingos be sure to do up Sanctuary right.

When you've got big enemies hiding in small places, don't forget your sizeable stash of frag grenades. They're your friendship eggs!

Valentine owns so much robones that he's pretty much got an entire DLC dedicated to him. I can see the Piper thing - it'd probably be even more obvious if she weren't wearing that hat. I'm actually using grenades more often than I usually do in this playthrough, so maybe I'll keep it up and get more proficient with them.

We might have to vice up Sanctuary if I find that magazine.