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Part 207

Update 206

This week we're starting off by going to visit the Hubologists, who are a bunch of space hippies based on Scientologists. We get to meet and kill some more of the weird wildlife running around Nuka World, and when we get there the Hubologists want space suits. Good thing we grabbed precisely the number we needed back at Galactic World. After that they want us to help them fight through a junkyard to get a space ship, and even offer to help. Sweet of them to offer, but I think I'm better off on that own.

In other news, you maniacs decided we should team up with the murder psychos so we now have to decide which of the other two gangs we should screw over. No matter what one of the gangs is getting the shaft, and we might just end this with a blood bath of colossal proportions. We'll see. In the meantime, vote here.

ultrabindu posted:

So what's Gage's game here?
He's responsible for the last 2 overbosses but doesn't want power himself. He's hardly Littlefinger since he's going off on errands with you.

I think he might actually address this a little bit, but it's basically survival and to a degree I think also loneliness. He really doesn't know any other way to live, so he's looking for a friend who can actually survive and realizes that being in charge means that he's more likely to end up dead.