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Part 21

Update 20

The conclusion to storytime with Nancy and the conclusion to our quest to save an inexplicably Russian (or maybe just vaguely eastern European) moonshiner and make a DJ cool. Also the tragic demise of one of our drinking glasses - farewell noble vessel, who I received from an event I never wanted to go to and had no use for until we started making Long Islands at home. You were briefly missed, and then replaced for $3.99 at TJ Maxx.

Poll for companions is still open here. We'll be streaming again tomorrow night, but sticking with posting updates during the week. We're going to be moving over the next two weeks and might have patchy internet in the meantime.

Tax Refund posted:

I just started watching the stream (not live, of course), and about 18 minutes in, Nancy comments on a radiation gun that's shown during a loading screen, and how it works in the game. She mentions that it's weird that if the radiation that that gun fires hits a wall or something, the wall isn't irradiated, "which is really, really weird, because radiation doesn't just dissipate like that."

Which has me going, "Okay, then. It's time!"

Yay, ! This brings back memories of all the information about nuclear weapons (some of it I'm sure very wrong) that was crammed into the Fallout and Fallout 2 manuals that none the less got me very interested in the subject at the time.

bman in 2288 posted:

After listening to your story about that drink, I had an epiphany: name your pistol 10 Little Monkeys, or 10 Mini Monkeys.

That's actually a pretty good one... might do that until we get a more appropriate pistol later on.