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Part 214

Update 213

Now that we've confirmed the haunting of that house it's time to make tracks for the final segment of the park. Dry Rock Gulch is a full on western, complete with cowboy robots, a bumbling sheriff, six guns, and giant bloodworms. One of those things is not like the other, but at least there's a saloon. We're going to have to explore Mad Mulligan's mine to clear this place out, and we aren't the first people to attempt it.

Thesaya posted:

I am catching up and am at ep 204; dreads can be cleaned easily, there is special shampoo for them that cleans them thoroughly.

Edit; Why did you not turn off the defensive mode? You were able to!

ep211;You gave him that sword.

Kind of figured that turning off the defensive mode right away might have been kind of boring since we'd just be looting. And you know, I'd completely forgotten about giving him that sword. In retrospect, I'm actually glad that he liked it.